Friday, June 23, 2006

A Preview of Craziness

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Today at Megamovies I got a reasonable glimpse at the kind of craziness I might be expecting tomorrow night. For an approximately 10-minute stretch at around the seven o'clock hour, a large line formed behind the counter, and I had to try to handle every customer as efficiently and accurately as possible. I think I did a pretty good job considering that the manager was standing behind me and interrupting my, uh, cashering rhythm by printing out tickets for me and giving me money and all that. A little distracting, and I did forget some things a couple of times, but I think I was able to handle it without panicking or making a dumb mistake.

It's perhaps a good morale-booster, because I don't always think I'm graceful or calm under pressure. So it's nice to at least be fairly confident that I can be, especially when it comes to standing in between people being able to see a movie.

Today I was being observed by some other coworker than the one I had on my first two days on the job Monday and Tuesday. He admitted to me that he basically went for this job because of the prospect of free tickets. Well, I went for this job because I was desperate for a job, but I guess free tickets is a good deal too. That and free preview screenings for the staff. According to the coworker who helped me out today, there's a rumor going on that there might be a preview for us for Superman Returns...


For those who have happened upon the comments section of my previous posts, some of you might be a little puzzled as to why there's discussion about Wong Kar-Wai's Fallen Angels for a post that was basically about Syriana. There was only a brief mention of Fallen Angels in the post, at best.

Well, the reason is this: a little piece I wrote up about the film which got web-published on "The House Next Door," the blog of New York Press film critic and Star-Ledger TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz.

Mr. Seitz and I first got acquainted with each other through an interview piece I wrote for the Inside Beat section of the Daily Targum, in which I asked him about various questions regarding the Oscars---it was published just before the Academy Awards aired in March---the importance of film critics, and the state of movies in general. When I sent him the piece, he seemed genuinely impressed by it, and we've been in sporadic content ever since.

"The House Next Door" used to exclusively be his blog, but then his wife died suddenly and tragically a couple months ago, and that allowed him to open the doors for other users to post things on the blog as he tried to, I guess, put his life back in order after such a devastating loss. It looks like he's stuck with the idea ever since; he and fellow contributors have became a "family" of sorts.

I've been wanting to write something up for publication on the blog for a while now---at the very least, it might attract some attention from the, uh, film critic circle or something. But, with the biweekly pieces I now write for Pulse, with the State Theatre and now Megamovies, and with the fact that I still try to make time to watch films on DVD, I hadn't had the time to devote to crafting a solid piece for the blog. This week, though, I found the time, and, once again, here it is.

I'll admit, too, that I had a mild ulterior motive for wanting to post on Matt's blog: to try to increase the comment traffic on this blog. Well, it seems to have worked a little bit; at the very least, I got two comments from people other than "Anonymous." (Not that I don't value all of your comments, all you anonymous posters out there, believe me.)

Comments are certainly still welcome.

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