Friday, July 28, 2006


EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Omigod! I think I just averted getting fired today at Megamovies.

At Megamovies, we have a policy in which everyone---and I mean everyone, including 3-month-old babies---must have a ticket after 6 p.m. I knew this...and yet, for some reason, when a lady come up to me and asked for two tickets to see a movie, I didn't ask her about the baby she was carrying around her...well, around her bosom, really...until after I started printing out a receipt for a credit card purchase. When I asked her about whether she was taking the baby into the theater too, she responded in the affirmative, and of course I had to tell her about our policy. She went nuts and made such a big stink about it that we had to get three managers on the scene---including the ranking manager---to try to discuss the problem with her.

Eventually, she ended up asking for a refund of the $18.50 I had already punched into the credit card machine. Obviously, we had to give it to her. But it could have easily been avoided if I had asked her about the damn baby she was lugging around her chest in the first place. Damn, what the hell's the matter with me?!! I knew the fuckin' policy; why didn't I say anything? Was I subconsciously afraid of causing her ire that I shied away from the question at first before being forced to spring it on her after printing the receipt? (If I have such subconscious fears, should I really be working at Megamovies, heh?)

It's one mistake, of course, and probably the biggest one I've made so far. (And I had to make it after I had gotten the shirt.) But a few days ago, a recently-hired employee got fired on the spot after forgetting about the same policy and allowing a bunch of people to get their babies in for free at 6 p.m. and then getting stopped by theater ushers. Fired! Because it was the ranking manager himself that had fired her, I was rather nervous that he might do the same to me, after seeing me screw up with the same policy (although at least I caught my mistake kinda in time). Turns out, he was rather nicer to me. As he left for the day, I apologized to him for the mess-up and he simply said, "That's okay. Hey, at least you learn."

But boy, that mistake made me nervous! It wasn't helped by the fact that my fellow cashier said to me, "You lucked out big time, man. You could have gotten fired for that!" Guess I must have gotten Mr. D. (the ranking manager) on a good day. I just hope he doesn't change his mind tomorrow or anything...


Anonymous said...

It doesnt sound like you made a really grievous mistake. You are somewhat new at working and handling the public. As the weeks go on you will become more comfortable with yourself and more confident in dealing with the customers. The policies of your employer will become second nature to you and your judgement will tell you to carry out those policies. Just try to relax, don't worry so much and do think about the policies as you deal with the customers. You will be just fine. The job is working out good; and with the free movies its even better!

kenjfuj said...

Thanks. Well yeah, it doesn't sound so bad in retrospect...but again, consider that someone recently got fired because she forgot to charge babies under 2. I dunno, perhaps that's a more grievous error? (Apparently she was told once before about it, though...) But again, thanks for the encouragement.

odienator said...

How much does a ticket cost if you're under 2? Is a sign visibly posted that says "MoneyGrubberMovies charges $X for infants?" If there were, then that woman shouldn't have given you a hard time. Granted, I agree that you should have asked her before doing her tickets, but that was an honest mistake.

You don't even need a plane ticket if you're under 2! Who the hell owns MegaMovies? Kathie Lee Gifford?

A lot of movies in NYC and northern NJ have "baby movie" screenings where Moms and Dads can bring their babies to the theater without having to deal with people (like me, I admit) who yell out "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BRING A 6-MONTH OLD? THIS IS HOSTEL!" Babies get in free, too.

That woman's refund was probably greatly appreciated by the numerous moviegoers who were going to have to listen to her baby holler and scream the entire film. I'm just sorry she gave you a hard time. You were doing your job. "And next time, use birth control!" I would have yelled from the MegaMovies window. Of course, I would have been fired, but it would have been for a better reason than forgetting to sell an infant a ticket.

I have to get down there to MegaMovies so I can see if this place is as soulless a megaplex as you make it. Look for me.

kenjfuj said...


Here's how it works: at Megamovies, after 6 p.m., everyone---including infants---needs a ticket. Infants would obviously get a child's ticket; a child's ticket is $6.50 at Megamovies. So, after 6 p.m., even a young baby under 2 would have to have a $6.50 child's ticket on him/her. No, there technically isn't a big sign that trumpets this, but next to our work computer, there is a list of policies for all customers to see. But, of course, how many customers actually take their sweet old time to stare at the list of policies...?

Is Megamovies soulless? You know what---possibly! I mean, they don't even give us poor high school and college students student discounts! Not to mention that at Megamovies, children 11 and over are considered "adults" and must pay the adult price when it isn't matinee time. And of course this "everyone must pay past 6 p.m., even babies" policy. Sure, it sucked that this woman made a big stink about it to me and to the three managers on the scene; but I could certainly imagine someone sympathizing with her immensely. I mean, they're just babies, hehe! Right?

I'll be looking out for ya, Odie! Oh, and look out for a future piece that may combine my thoughts on your favorite movie, Miami Vice (wink wink), and possibly Woody Allen's new one, Scoop (which I may see later today).

odienator said...

Well, that 11 and older equals adult policy has been in effect as long as I've been going to the movies--that's nothing new. The theaters here don't have that $6.50 for an infant policy. I think it's a lousy idea, but I also think bringing your infant to the movies is an equally lousy idea.

I started taking my nieces and nephews to the movies when they were three, which is the age I remember seeing my first movie. By then, they can control their bodily functions and understand what they're not supposed to do.

You shouldn't say this because you work there, but I can: it is BULLSHIT that Megamovies does not concisely display its prices in a prominent area. Any idiot knows that no customer looks at the SIDE of the computer! They're too busy looking up at the times, or staring in awe at the "hotness of Kenji(TM)" at the ticket booth. I suggest that they put the goddamn sign where movie theaters normally put them: At eye level. Or you should wear a hat with the prices stitched into them. Maybe you should sing the prices while doing a tap dance in the booth. It would be better than the movie people are spending $100 to see.

I saw Scrap, I mean Scoop, on Friday night. I did not want to see it, but it was an impromptu movie visit, so I didn't know any movie times until I got there. That was the only thing showing at the time. Scarlett Johanssen looks CUTE with her glasses, but she is a horrible comic actress. There are a few funny lines, and there would have been plenty more if someone with timing had actually delivered them. Even Woody is off, except for that narcissism line. He delivers that one brilliantly. But it's Match Point 2.

I'm going to show up at MegaMovies one of these days. You watch and see! And the code Blogger is asking me to type in so I can post this is "eyesexu." I'm being sexually harassed by your blog, Kenji. Shame on you. :)

kenjfuj said...


Sorry, did I screw up my wording in my previous comment? Actually yes, Megamovies does show their prices in a pretty visible area. What I meant was that you have to look at the list of policies next to the computers to know that after 6 p.m. everyone---including infants under 2---needs a ticket. But rest assured, the theater does show their ticket prices in a visible and prominent area.

I think it's a lousy idea, but I also think bringing your infant to the movies is an equally lousy idea.

I think that's why they came up with the policy in the first place: to try to discourage infants from coming to the theater in the evening.

Match Point 2? Gosh, I hope not! Well, I'll let you know later tonight...

And "eyesexu"? Wow, that's pretty weird!

odienator said...

I think that's why they came up with the policy in the first place: to try to discourage infants from coming to the theater in the evening.

That's true, I guess. How many people show up with babies? (And shame on all of you! You should have thought about your freedom before you dropped your knickers, luv! I would be SO fired at MegaMovies!)

So, what did you think of Scrap, I mean Scoop?