Sunday, August 20, 2006

Home Sweet Dusty

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Funniest moment of the day, although I think you'd have to be there to get the humor of it: today my entire family went to JCPenny's to do some clothes shopping, and we left our dog Dusty home alone. When we came back about 45 minutes later, we were treated to the spectacle of seeing Dusty literally going batshit crazy with what I assume was happiness at seeing us home again. In fact, he was so happy he was literally stamping his paws at our return, as if he was involved in some kind of hoedown. I'm surprised he didn't jump two feet in the air and try to land right into our arms or something.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised; he does seem to like company whenever he's up and alert, to the point that he'll bark whenever he feels like he's being neglected. Still, when I saw how happy he was to see us, I couldn't help but laugh out loud and say "Holy shit!"

Boy, I wish someone would actually greet me with that kind of boundless enthusiasm whenever I opened the door.

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