Friday, February 15, 2008


EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - This blog needs a swift, round, bloody kick in the ass.

Folks, I'm in one of my lazy-blogging phases right now. Shit, I've probably been in this phase for the past, oh, six months or so.

Yeah, I could try to excuse it by saying something like, "Oh, I'm always so busy doing other stuff; no time to devote to serious blogging." I could use that old crutch: life happens.

If I genuinely cared about getting my voice out there, however, then I would make the time to write carefully-crafted blog entries. And dammit, I would enjoy doing it regularly, too.

So readers, I think it's time to shake things up at My Life, at 24 Frames Per Second a little. Wait, a little? How about a whole fucking lot?

(How classy of me, using profanities to denote intensity. Whatever, this ain't Merchant-Ivory...)


Thus, a new direction for this blog.

Here's the plan, at the barest minimum: At the ends of every week, I am going to try to update you all with things I've seen/read/heard/thought about throughout the week. New film I've seen on DVD that I liked? First (inevitably rough and unformed) thoughts will go onto the blog, if I feel like it's worth writing a little bit about. An interesting passage from a book I'm reading? You bet. A song that's been in my head throughout the week? Fair game. Anything that intrigued or excited me will all be recorded, in raw, unfiltered (but, hopefully, somewhat coherent) form.

Who knows? I might not even wait 'til the end of a week for some of these thoughts. And maybe I'll just end up devoting my end-of-the-week round-ups to simply focusing on one thing instead of talking about a bunch of small things. But again, that's the bare outline. I'm flexible.

This will be good for me, I think. As I struggle not to get too bogged down in the monotony of daily routine, hopefully this will inspire me to start being more observant and thoughtful of things, more open to working out ideas, examining emotions, etc. At the very least, it'll force me to put pen to paper more in torrents of deep thought. I need to start doing it more regularly, I think---a little mental exercise.

Enough with the boredom. Time for some action. All of you are free to jump in, if you feel like it. I welcome you all.

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Anonymous said...

OK! Now for the follow through.....