Friday, July 04, 2008

May It Please the Court

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Another quick life update: yesterday (July 3) was the date of my court appearance regarding those four tickets from my hit-and-run accident a few months back. The result: my lawyer was able to---if I understood it correctly---whittle down the four charges to three, plea down two of the charges to lesser offenses, and thus leave me with two points on my license and a little over $400 in fines, all of which I paid off on the spot. Ugh. Well, I obviously wasn't going to get away scot-free, what with four tickets from one accident---so I'll take it, warts and all.

At least I have money, although today I was spending it like hotcakes; I also purchased my NJ Transit rail pass for the month of July, which cost about another $200. Double-ugh. Money sure does make the world go 'round...

Once I start my new job at the World Financial Center next week, though, I'll not only be possibly cutting down on the chance of more unfortunate traffic accidents/violations; I'll hopefully be saving a lot more of the money I would usually be spending on $4-a-gallon gas and other weekly expenses I might incur driving to and from South Brunswick. More money to spend on pointless shit, yay!

Enjoy your Independence Day, everybody!

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Anonymous said...

I was away for a few weeks so I am catching up on your last few blog entries. Must be a relief that the court business is over with. Good deal there. The job move to NYC is great and sounds like you worked out the commuting issue. Driving is pain anyway and expensive. Don't be in any rush to move out of your parents house. Housing costs will eat up your salary and its not necessary. You are fine where you are and commuting is ok. Good luck!!