Wednesday, December 12, 2012

(Supersized) Artistic Consumption Log, Nov. 26, 2012 - Dec. 9, 2012

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Well, I'm pretty sure I have published two-week artistic consumption logs before, so it's not like this is without precedent...

Some day, 2012 movie catch-up will end. (Over the past weekend, I turned in one ballot, and I have two more to submit before the year is out—not to mention the year-end wrap-up I'm planning for In Review Online.)

Oh, and if any of you are wondering why I haven't put a recommending star next to Zero Dark Thirty—well, no, I'm not especially enthusiastic about it, in stark contrast to seemingly every critics' group that has bestowed Best Picture honors to Kathryn Bigelow's latest action epic. Are we looking at the next Best Picture Oscar winner? In any case, I'm planning to explain the sources of my resistance over at In Review Online soon.

Until then...well, below is a barebones overview of all the art I've consumed in the past two weeks.

Vamps (2012)


Photographic Memory (2011, Ross McElwee), seen on screener in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Neighboring Sounds (2012, Kleber Medonça Filho), seen on screener in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Zero Dark Thirty (2012, Kathryn Bigelow), seen at Director's Guild Theater in New York
I Wish (2011, Hirokazu Kore-eda), seen on screener in New York
Lincoln (2012, Steven Spielberg), seen at Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Vamps (2012, Amy Heckerling), seen on screener in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Let Fury Have the Hour (2012, Antonino D'Ambrosio), seen on screener in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Django Unchained (2012, Quentin Tarantino), seen at Academy Theater at Lighthouse International in New York


Here Come the Warm Jets (1974, Brian Eno)
Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974, Brian Eno)
Another Green World (1975, Brian Eno)
Discreet Music (1976, Brian Eno)

The set of the latest Signature Theatre Co. production of The Piano Lesson


Golden Child (1998, David Henry Hwang), seen live at Pershing Square Signature Center in New York
The Piano Lesson (1990, August Wilson), seen live at Pershing Square Signature Center in New York


the event of a thread (2012, Ann Hamilton), seen at Park Avenue Armory in New York

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