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Brief (Probably Not) Life Update No. 12: Learning, Partying, and Learning About Partying

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Isn't it ironic how it seems like I'm updating less this semester even though I have less credits---14---compared to last semester, when I had less free time with 17 credits on my figurative college plate? Don'tcha think?

I have a bit of free time right now by virtue of the only computer lab on College Ave. with the desktop publishing program Quark XPress being currently occupied by a class, so I figured I'd let all of you readers---whoever's left of you, anyway---in on what's been happening in my life since my last post.

Well, let's see. Last week I prepared my tail off for a midterm in my Cinema Studies seminar on Thursday, March 1. Oh, you might say, it's a film class---shouldn't that be easy for you? Ah, but complacency is a big enemy of mine: I always try to resist the urge to get too overconfident lest I come crashing down with a disheartening thud. So yeah, I spent about three days in various College Ave. computer labs---away from my Rockoff apartment, where I often have trouble getting serious work done with all the distractions (and odors---don't ask)---working up a personal study guide---8 pages long!---for the test. The test turned out to be straightforward and fairly easy, if long (it took me nearly the whole period).

This week my attention is focused on a quiz in my Desktop Publishing class that I have tomorrow---not much to worry about, really, except for the promise that the quiz is going to have a section in which I basically have to create something from scratch on Quark XPress. Uh-oh, I need to practice!

And also, good news on the senior thesis front: I actually have some solid written pages! Not much---an introduction lasting for about 3½ pages---but it's a start, and at least I'll have something to show my thesis advisor when I meet with her tomorrow. (I suspect I probably won't get much more of it done today, but we'll see.)

Looks like this upcoming spring break is going to be very nearly all thesis writing, all the time. It sucks, but it's not like my previous spring breaks have ever been breathtakingly full of lavish, sun-drenched, girls-gone-wild incident.


Ah, but enough about school stuff. What about the fun stuff?

This past Friday night, I had one of my rare days off from doing any ushering at the State Theatre---nothing was scheduled for that night, apparently. So I decided not only to catch up on Richard Linklater's Fast Food Nation at our local film festival (more on that in a subsequent entry, perhaps), but also to do something that I hadn't done in a long while---catch up with an old friend and get drunk on a lot of beer.

The old friend was my old freshman-year roommate from when I lived on Quad I over at boring old Livingston Campus. Cool guy, fun to be around, and the occasion for our meeting was a 22nd birthday bash he was throwing at his house over on Senior Street. Apparently there was a theme to this party: everyone was supposed to wear short shorts---so NBA-style shorts for guys and short shorts or miniskirts and a lot of exposed cleavage for the gals. I knew about this going on, but I had no short shorts, only some boxers---and I wasn't about to go out in 30° weather with only boxers on. No sirree, Bob! But he was cool about it---I guess he was just happy to see me.

And I guess I was really happy to be there, because it only took about one cup of beer for me to start feeling buzzed.

There's not much to say about the party itself, except that I apparently (I feel like I'm using that word a lot in this entry) loosened up so much that I left quite a big impression on not only my friend's housemates, but also on a few of the females I talked to, some of whom decided thenext day to add me as a friend on Facebook. I don't know if I'd ever get into relationships with any of them---not that I'm looking that hard for one at this point anyway---but at least I talked to them, right? As opposed to not just sitting around wishing they'd talk to me.

One of the things I often end up doing at college parties of this sort is to simply sit around like a wallflower and watch other people dance around instead of getting up and moving myself. Somehow, though---I guess it was the alcohol---I got the courage to actually get up and start shaking my ass a little bit. I think it's inhibition---even when drunk---that hampered me over the years---I've never been much of a dancer, and I always feel like I'd look stupid next to girls, many of whom always seem to know how to move a lot better than I do. But Friday night, I guess I must have said to myself, Who cares about all that? I probably looked like a total fool doing it, but hey, I was doing something to try to have fun, and everyone around me seemed to respond.

And thankfully, throughout all this, I didn't get so drunk that I either a) blanked out for a lengthy period of time, or b) threw up. (Did I ever tell you about my wine-and-cheese party experience, readers? To sum it up if I haven't: I basically drank too much wine and not enough cheese at an Inside Beat gathering and eventually found myself lying in my bed with bits of barf on my pillow, having forgotten most of what happened that night. I was told later that a friend and I went to another party and I threw up on some girl's jacket; then that friend had to basically drag me all the way back to Rockoff because no bus, seeing my immensely drunken state, would take me back. It's not so much the fact that I got sick that disappoints me; it's that I got so drunk that I barely remember what happened, because I'm pretty sure I was probably at my loosest that night.)

Supposedly I left such a favorable impression on my friend's housemates that they're already talking about inviting me back for some future house party. In fact, one of those housemates recognized me as I was walking toward the computer lab where I am now and said something to that effect. I guess I should be happy about that, right?

Don't worry, though: I'm not turning into a fratboy or anything. Girls---or, in this case, a fairly shy Asian guy with an acne problem---just wanna have fun.


Well, that's it for this life update. I was going to talk a bit more about some of the recent new movies I've seen (including the aforementioned Fast Food Nation, which isn't much as drama, but is actually fairly interesting as agitprop), as well as briefly touch upon both the boredom that was much of Oscar 2007 as well as my recent explorations into the uniquely funky, eclectic soundworld of the Talking Heads (thank you, DC++, for allowing me to illegally download More Songs About Buildings and Food, Remain in Light, and others). But I think that'll wait for another entry---coming hopefully sometime soon. Don't go away just yet!

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