Thursday, November 03, 2011

DOC NYC 2011: Undefeated and Kumaré

NEW YORK—I've recently written things! Things that actually got published somewhere!

My latest published (dual) review, for The House Next Door, are of Undefeated and Kumaré, two documentaries screening as part of the ongoing DOC NYC festival (of which you can find details here), a veritable explosion of old and new documentary cinema that started last night and runs until Nov. 10. Though I'm not unreservedly positive on either film, the latter—an account of Borat-style satirical stunt that, from what I can see, ends up blowing up in filmmaker Vikram Gandhi's face in provocative ways—is considerably more interesting than the former, yet another sports-underdog tale in the mold of Hoop Dreams that contains few narrative surprises and even fewer genuine revelations.

Whether this heralds a new explosion of film-critic creativity on my end remains to be seen. But for now...enjoy!

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