Friday, May 19, 2006

Brief Life Update No. 1: Job Search

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - From time to time, you'll probably see short little posts like this one updating you all of what's going on in my life. Usually this will occur if I don't have much to say about anything outside my life---film, TV, politics, random thoughts---but I feel the need to write something anyway.

Basically, this past week has been spent trying to find a summer job. Mostly I've looked at the Rutgers student employment job search page to see what kind of office jobs and such are available. My approach---as was my approach to summer job hunting last summer---is to simply find and apply to as many possibly job opportunities as I can, and hope that at least some of them get me at least interviews with employers.

The approach seems to be working. Today I went to an electronics office in Dayton and interviewed for a possible office assistant position; I wasn't hired on the spot, but I was told I would be notified very soon as to whether they wanted to hire me or not. Tomorrow I have another interview with a lady who works at the Brunswick Square Mall. For EB-ers who read this: you know the people who sell Simon gift cards? Who knows, I might be one of them...

And today I got a call from a woman at the local Barnes and Noble who wanted to interview me as well based on an application I filled out just a few days ago. This was a pleasant surprise: I had been unsuccessful in my numerous attempts to apply to the bookstore in the past. I'm supposed to meet with her on Monday; if I don't have a job lined up by then, I will certainly be going and seeing what opportunities they have in the store. (I put "open" in the application when it asked me what position I was interested in at the store.)

If all three of these prospects fall through...well, I guess I'll keep trying.

By the way, if some of you readers don't already know: I technically have a part-time job right now, as an usher at the State Theatre in New Brunswick. I've had it since October 2005. But it's not nearly enough to keep me busy during the summer, because the ushering opportunities get pretty dang sporadic during the summer, especially during July and August---the House Manager told us that there were only 10 events scheduled during those two months. And $6.50/hr.? Yeah, not the highest-paying job around, to say the least. So I'm definitely taking this summer job hunt seriously---and not because my parents are pressuring me into it. Or, at least, not just because they're doing so.

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