Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Fresh Start

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Hello everyone!

So this is the first post on my brand new blog---although those of you who have been faithfully reading my online stuff will recognize the title as the same one that I used in a previous Blogger blog. Yes, I have returned to Blogger for two main reasons: 1) because I prefer the way Blogger archives old posts, making it easy to access old posts on a sidebar, and 2) because I've started to see professional film critics---and, for those who know me well (for those who don't, a brief introduction will follow later on in this post), a professional film critic is what I would ideally like to become---creating their own blogs and posting some good informative shit on it. In essence, I'm basically jumping on the blogging bandwagon again...and hopefully, I can keep this one up on a fairly consistent basis. (I know faithful readers of my stuff have perhaps been bemoaning the fact that I haven't updated a damn thing in my previous LiveJournal since, oh, December. Sorry 'bout that; it's a combination of I haven't had the time and I haven't felt the need. I guess I feel the need now, for some odd reason. Go figure.)

Okay, so a little bit about myself, for newbies. My name is Kenji Fujishima. I am currently a 20-year-old college student at Rutgers University here in New Brunswick. I've just finished my third year, and am about to go into my fourth. My hometown is in East Brunswick, which is about 20 minutes away from here. I am a Journalism and Media Studies major here, and am planning to minor in Cinema Studies (once I actually get around to declare it; just another example of the bout of laziness that hits me on occasion). I consider myself a fairly passionate film enthusiast; at times I wish I was enthusiastic about other things as much as I am about movies (ah, but I can bitch about that in later posts).

Which leads me to my next topic in this introductory post: what kind of blog am I trying to start up here?

Glad you asked. (If you didn't ask, tough; you're gonna hear it from me anyway.) Basically, I'm envisioning this to be more of the same as it was in my previous blogs (I had a Xanga, a Blogger blog [deleted], a LiveJournal, and now I'm back on Blogger), but I'm going to try to create a more varied blog in the manner of my first two blogs, where I tried to comment on just about anything and everything---movies, TV, current events, whatever was on my mind, important or minute. I guess part of the reason that I got so bored with blogging in my LiveJournal was that it seemed to degenerate into "woe-is-me" whining (the time of the LiveJournal was a pretty difficult time in my life; one look at the link to it and you'll see), and after a while I figured it was getting rather monotonous, so I stopped. Now, though, I'm back, I'm reasonably energized, and I'm ready to see if I can turn this into something fairly exciting again.

So you'll see occasional personal posts in which I pour my heart out about something that happened during the day. (I anticipate it, especially living at home with a mother who still probably thinks I won't go very far as a journalist.) But you'll also see the occasional film & TV review, and maybe I'll occasionally pool my thoughts on some current event that I find particularly intriguing. (That said, I gotta be honest: I'm not the most adept at talking indepth about politics or anything, so if I make any mistakes or sound like a total ignoramus when I speak about, say, President George W. Bush's we-must-cover-our-bases-by-invading-all-threats-to-national-security foreign policy, by all means, let me know!) That's the kind of blog I'm aiming for.

Thus, my first post. Dunno if I hooked you newbies with a gripping initial post, but whatever. (Wut-EVeeeeer!)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with this new blog. Glad to see you back!!