Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Brief Little Rant About Employers

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Annoyance of the day: so today I went to the Rutgers Bookstore to hopefully be able to interview for a position as a Merchandise Associate there. But it's only when she---don't know what her position at the bookstore is, actually, but her name is Nicole---is ready to interview me that she tells me, "The last guy I interviewed today thought this was a summer position. I need someone for the entire year."

I told her I'd get back to her if I decided I still wanted to interview for the position, but in my mind I was annoyed as hell. You couldn't have made that clear on your job listing online? You had to let me know this now and waste my time trying to find parking in New Brunswick and coming here??

What's wrong with some of these employers? I know they're trying to entice people to respond to their job listings, but why withhold such important information? I mean, really, she had to have known that there are some people out there looking only for summer work. Come on now!

Her "I'm sorry if I wasted your time today" didn't offer much in the way of consolation.

And what's up with these employers never getting back to you after a job interview? Some of them are afraid to say "no" to someone over the phone? You employers are in your positions for good reasons, and I'm sure a reluctance to be honest with someone is hardly one of them.

Just had to get that off my chest.

Nope, no summer job yet. But tomorrow I'm thinking of dropping by a local staffing service. Maybe they could help me find something.

Yeah, let someone do the searching for me. Very proactive. (Guess I'm still living in that "dream world" where things just happen for me, right, Ma?)

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