Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year To All, and To All a Good 2008

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Yeah, the substance of this post is basically in its title.

And I don't have any cool New Year's Day-related pictures to post here either; only thing I could think of was to go to Google and search for a picture of a poster from a really bad 1981 slasher flick entitled New Year's Evil that I remember seeing chunks of during my days as an infant (psychologically/relatively speaking) filmwatcher. (There was pretty much no gore in it, from what I remember---which, those days, meant that it probably wouldn't interest me.) Too bad all the snapshots of the poster are all really low-resolution.

Of course, I worked at The Wall Street Journal today, since even the international editions have to put out a paper tomorrow. Not a big deal, really...except for the fact that last night I hung out with a few friends, from both Rutgers and from my high school days at East Brunswick, and stayed out much later than I had planned---I was at home in bed by 2:30 a.m., whereas usually I'm pretty strict about going to bed at around midnight if I have to go to work the next day (have to be in the office by 10 a.m.). So getting up this morning was a bit, uh, problematic, to say the least. I did drink and did get a little more than buzzed last night too (thankfully, a friend was able to take me home in one piece), but that turned out to be not a big problem this morning, since I drank a good deal of water before I went to bed. (So no headaches or hangovers for me.) Only the lack of sleep posed a bit of a problem during work (I nodded off quite a few times after Asia locked-up for good at 1:30 p.m.). That and a faint odor I detected that I think came from the sneakers I wore today---the same ones I wore last night while walking across the alcohol-stained floor of the bar I was at. In other words, I think there might have been a bit of a beer smell on me, although definitely not from any part of my body, clothes or breath (I showered last night before I went to bed).

Anyway...hopefully my next post will be a more formal entry looking back at the life of Kenji in 2007. Exciting, huh? Short version, I suspect, will be: all in all, 2007 was a pretty interesting, fun, and perhaps promising year. Details to come soon, I hope...

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