Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Video for the Day: Angry Theater Texter

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Yesterday, this video circulated among many of my Facebook friends and Twitter folk I follow:

Kudos to the Alamo Drafthouse—the small theater chain in Texas, which I referred to two posts ago—for sticking to their guns and enforcing their no-texting-during-screenings rule. Now, if only most big-chain theaters were nearly as rigorous in such enforcement! Then perhaps this young (I assume) lady wouldn't have assumed—after years, I assume, of getting away with this kind of rude behavior—that texting during a movie was an acceptable habit. While surely this woman needs a lesson in movie-theater etiquette, maybe AMC and Regal theaters also need to do a better job enforcing such etiquette in their theaters; from my experience, if no one speaks up to complain about such problems, nothing is done. It's not like I usually see employees pop in every once in a while to check up on what its customers are doing.

Having watched films at a couple of Alamo Drafthouse theaters, I know how serious they are about providing the best theatrical experience possible for its patrons; perhaps big-chain theaters need to start thinking the same way. Is that too much to ask for? If this recent story about careless projectionists leaving 3-D lenses on while projecting 2-D movies is any indication, maybe it is...

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