Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Look At Me, Ma! I'm in a YouTube Video!

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—On Friday night, I was in Brooklyn celebrating the birthday of a friend of mine who lived just around the corner from me in East Brunswick, N.J. back in the day. We hadn't seen each other in many years, so this was a reunion of sorts.

Since I last saw her, in high school, she has, it seems, become a pretty well-known celebrity on YouTube, with a comedy/vlogging channel she maintains with a dear friend from her college years. And on Friday night, she was filming her birthday party from her computer's webcam and live-streaming it on Ustream.

This partly explains how I found myself making a brief cameo in their latest video (see 1:16 onward):

I know, I know: big deal, right? I'm in it for about five seconds, if that, and am not really doing anything special other than just standing around. But hey, if being active on social media like Facebook and Twitter have taught me anything, it's that any kind of exposure—well, maybe more positive than negative—helps, and that you might as well promote it as much as possible.

Plus, this might give some of you faithful My Life, at 24 Frames Per Second readers an idea of where I've been the past few days, and why I haven't been as prolific with the blog posts as I usually am. I guess you could call what I've been doing "living it up." In any case, I've been doing things other than sitting alone in the dark watching movies all day long...and honestly, I've never been happier. (I still managed to squeeze in two films this past weekend, though—Zhao Liang's sprawling but effective and enraging documentary Petition; and The White Meadows, the wondrous recent feature by Mohammad Rasoulof, aka the other Iranian filmmaker to be jailed recently, along with Jafar Panahi—so it's not like I'm in the process of swearing off the cinema or anything. Far from it!)

Oh, and speaking of promotion: By all means (and take with a grain of salt, perhaps), feel free to check out the rest of the 200-some videos on the GracenMichelle YouTube channel. Their personalities are bubbly, and their videos generally quite enjoyable. I guess you could say, to borrow their parlance, it's "totally t1tz." (They even have their own website, here, for further exploration.)

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