Tuesday, April 17, 2007


NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. - A short entry for today. So the past couple of days, a nor'easter has drenched our area with heavy rain up the wazoo...so much that it has flooded the heck out of both Rt. 18 and Ryders Lane here in East Brunswick. And so much that Rutgers has canceled classes for two days in a row, yesterday and today.

Can you believe it? Rutgers stubbornly stays open during snowy winter conditions, but it shuts down for two days because of rain. I guess not even snow could shut down Rt. 18, that's why.

It didn't really matter much to me yesterday, because I don't have any scheduled classes on Mondays, but today's cancellation of classes means I don't have my Cinema Studies seminar.

Funny thing: after last night's episode of 24 (which kinda sucks this year) had ended, an apartment-mate and I were watching a preview for Fox 5's upcoming 10 p.m. newscast, and one of the anchors described the rains that fell these couple of days as "Biblical." We both burst out laughing. Biblical??? It was certainly heavy, but Biblical on the scale of the 40 days/40 nights storm that led Noah (directed by God, of course) to build his ark? I don't think so. Sensationalism, anyone?

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