Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brief Life Update No. 16: All Work and No Play...Might Get You Free Food

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - A quick little entry for today, because pretty soon I'm going to have to jaunt over to Rockoff Hall to help my apartment mates clean up like mad and get things into like-move-in condition (yet another drawback-I-should-have-thought-of-before-signing-up-for-another-year to living in that place, other than, of course, its price tag).

Last night I attended the Livingston College Dean's Awards Banquet over at the Holiday Inn in Somerset. (According to the rather vague invitation I got a week before, I was going to be awarded for either academic achievement or service to the college. Well, I didn't really involve myself much in service, so I knew I wasn't going there for that.) It was cool: we were served free food---always a plus for this sort of event---and I got to stand in front of the stage a couple of times for the two honors I was given: "Dean's List"---for being on the Livingston College Dean's List for at least four semesters---and "Honors Program Seniors," for, of course, being in the Honors program. (Shame our actual Honors Program dean couldn't show up.) I got a nice-looking "Certificate of Achievement" and---wait for it---a free, fancy-schmancy Livingston College pen as a gift.

I did feel kinda weird being there, only because technically I'm not going to be graduating until January 2008. So what am I doing there? (I guess I have to change that on my transcript or something.) Whatever, man. Hey, I finished my Honors Program stuff, and I put in over four semesters of good academic work in four years. Graduating or not, I deserve some kind of recognition, dammit! (Not to get too full of myself or anything...)

There really isn't much else to say about the event, except: some of us afterwards were chatting a little bit about one of the students honored. She was given the Academic Achievement Award for getting a 4.0. Her majors? Biology and Neuroscience. Hot damn! A 4.0 in Biology and Neuroscience??? Some of the people I talked to afterward were saying, cheekily, "I'm, like, retarded compared to her!"

Don't worry, readers: Part 2 of my Spring Semester retrospective is coming up soon, I promise!

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