Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movie Still for the Day: Barry Lyndon

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - I don't really have much to report today. Basically, this weekend was a long bout of do-nothingness, notwithstanding a day trip to the beautiful Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and a lot of YouTube-surfing. Maybe one of these days I'll divulge some of my YouTube discoveries---some more of that nostalgia-inducing Mandarin pop music I discussed many entries back, for instance, and even some newly discovered (by me, anyway) Cantopop---but for now, allow me to entertain you all with a still from Stanley Kubrick's underappreciated masterpiece Barry Lyndon to give you all a sense of how it felt standing in the Italian Water Garden in Longwood Gardens.

Obviously, you have to imagine it with people wearing modern-day casual dress instead of Milena Canonero's elegant, flowing period costumes. But the Italian Water Garden looks something like that one. And on Saturday, when my family and I went, the fountains were shooting gloriously up, which enhanced the beauty of the sight. When I saw the place, I couldn't help but thinking of Barry Lyndon---just because the sight reminded me of this particular image, that's all. Nothing much more significant than that. But hey, in my book, memorable images are more than half the battle when it comes to what makes movies great.

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