Friday, August 03, 2007

Brief Life Update No. 19: The Fall Internship Search Continues...

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - Another hot and sweaty Thursday, another trip into New York City for another internship interview. This time, it was for Diversion magazine, a leisure magazine for physicians---which isn't to say that its articles are necessarily somehow slanted to apply to physicians, just that only physicians are sent the magazine. Without the targeting of the physicians audience, it'd be just another leisure magazine, full of travel articles and such.

According to the people who interviewed me---including, eventually, the editor-in-chief, a woman who is a Rutgers University, Douglass College alumnus---I would be doing "photo research": looking up pictures for articles in the magazine. In addition, I'd do some fact-checking and maybe a little writing too. Doesn't seem too bad.

I think I hit it off with my interviewers quite well, especially the editor-in-chief. Boy, I wonder if this Wall Street Journal internship hasn't done wonders for my confidence in internship/job interviews...well, I suppose confidence comes easily when you feel like you have something to be confident about, or something to show off.

I was a little late to the interview, though...damn unpredictable mass-transit systems. Well, it's not entirely NJ Transit and MTA's fault; I did leave my house a little later than I had planned, mostly because I still haven't figured out how to tie a tie and had to get my dad to do it. Sad state of affairs. Hope that didn't leave too negative an impression on the people I spoke to over at Diversion; I mean, I did give them a short-notice call to let them know I'd be running a little late (I ended up getting there about 10 minutes late).

Speaking of Wall Street Journal...well, Thursday was my last day there, but I think I'll reserve details on what was a lovely last day for maybe tomorrow or something. For now, I'll just say that there is the slight but unmistakable possibility that I might be hanging on at the Journal---even under Rupert Murdoch ownership (yeah, I still haven't blogged about that; hopefully I'll get to that, too)---not at the copy desk, but at the monitor desk. In other words, proofreading, and lots of it. It's a bit of a downgrade, I suppose, but it sounds doable, and hey, as long as I can get school credit for it, I'm fine with it. And if the monitor-desk chief---who I spoke with at length about this internship possibility on Wednesday---thinks I'm good enough to hire for the fall, part-time, it'd be comparably more convenient for me than traveling to the city a few times a week.

We'll see what happens...

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