Saturday, June 28, 2008

New York Minute

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - A brief entry tonight on the big news of this past week: after weeks of being shorthanded---four people, a mere three on some nights---on The Wall Street Journal's monitor desk in South Brunswick, and after a bit of apprehension and even some soul-searching and job-listing-scouring upon hearing about the imminent demise of the monitor desk, I and the rest of my monitor-desk brethren have finally been placed in positions up in the paper's news desk at the World Financial Center.

In other words: I will be finally working full-time in New York City!

Details about what we're actually going to be doing up there are rather sketchy right now (it's quite possible the news editors up there aren't even sure themselves of what they plan to do with us and our combined skill sets); I'm going to have to make a special trip to the New York office this coming Monday in order to meet with a couple of the news editors and ask them questions. (I'll let you readers know of the details once I receive and understand them.)

But anyway, I'm hoping this is the break I need to perhaps finally get something interesting and exciting in my young professional career off the ground. (Time to get a byline in one of the most renowned papers in the world!)

Now to deal with the not-so-fun, i.e. practical, part of this new endeavor: planning out my daily commute from East Brunswick, and figuring out how much of a chunk it will take out of my wallet. That and perhaps finally---finally---moving out of my parents' house and finding a place to live on my own, close to New York. (Living on my own: that thought perhaps makes me more nervous than working in New York, even though I technically haven't done either before.)

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