Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time for Muriel! (No, Not the Alain Resnais Film)


This year, I was asked by Steve Carlson, he of the blog Down Inside You're Dirty, to participate in this year's installment of the Muriel Awards, an online poll of the favorite films, performances and technical cinematic achievements of various film critics/cinephiles in a given year, plus a few other unexpected film-related categories besides.

I don't know if one would consider my participation in this a sign that I'm rising up the film-critic/cinephile ranks...but, as most award nominees might publicly profess—but I actually mean this, dammit—I'm just glad to be a part of a critics' poll! With such distinguished colleagues as Simon Abrams, Jim Emerson, Sean Burns, Andrew Dignan, Matt Noller and many, many others!

Anyway, today is the beginning of the unveiling of the various awards, starting with Best Supporting Actor, over at the Muriel-specific blog Our Science is Too Tight. I'm scheduled to contribute a blurb in praise of a future Muriel Award winner in the coming weeks; I'll let you all know when that eventually gets published. In the meantime, enjoy this end-of-2010 film poll!

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