Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Step Closer to Earl Dittman? Plus, My Tribute to Hailee Steinfeld

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—A couple bits of self-promotion for today.

First, this is the contribution to the ongoing Muriels announcements that I was slated to write from the beginning, a short piece in praise of True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld, who topped the poll for Best Cinematic Breakthrough last year. I think that says everything that needs to be said about Steinfeld, who blazed screens at the end of last year with her astonishing mixture of wise-beyond-her-years poise and childlike vulnerability.

But that's not even the most exciting thing I'm here to self-promote today...because I'm featured in a trailer!

Thanks to Charles Lyons for the screen shot
There's a new trailer for Kelly Reichardt's new film Meek's Cutoff out, and apparently someone behind the scenes of this trailer saw fit to stitch together quotes and adjectives from my House Next Door review into the blurb you see above. You know you've hit the big time when...

The ironic thing about this? It comes from a review that isn't even positive! Read it and you'll see. I'm still not sure how I feel about that, honestly.

Anyway, enjoy the complete trailer:


Tomorrow, of course, is the Oscars. And you know what means, right? The Second Annual Fuji Oscars are coming! You all remember my first annual "ceremony," don'tcha? Well, I'm doing it again tomorrow...or at least, I plan to. Time permitting. Anyway, stay tuned...

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