Monday, April 18, 2011

More Camera Whoring!

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—Since I've apparently become something of a camera whore over the course of the past few months, and apparently have no shame in promoting my appearances in front of a camera (feel free to let me know if any of you think this is a worrying trend), here are a couple more videos in which yours truly is present:

That organization Pro8mm which offered me and others a chance to shoot a bit of footage on Super 8mm film at South by Southwest finally released an edited video compilation of all of that footage. For about a few seconds, from 0:18 on, I'm seen being shown how to use a film camera.

Not impressed by that? about footage of me eating dinner before a screening of João Pedro Rodrigues's latest film To Die Like a Man on Thursday night? Captured by one of my roommates?

My presence is spreading all over the Internet! Mwahahahaha!

All right, I'm done with this kind of thing for now. One day, My Life, at 24 Frames Per Second will become a blog of serious arts criticism again (if it ever was that). One day.

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