Monday, October 24, 2011

Video for the Day: Razor the (Super Hyper) Dog

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—There's one more thing I want to post here on my blog before my Bay Area vacation begins for real.

It's this:

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook already know a little bit about Razor, the Siberian husky that resides in the Brooklyn apartment in which I and three others live. For the rest of you, though...well, here he is, in a particularly excitable mood one evening last week after I came home from work. (I don't consider Razor my dog, by the way; one of my roommates bought him last year and generally takes care of him. But, after some initial resistance, I've come to embrace the big ol' bugger...especially when he acts like that.)

Oh, and Razor was recently featured on Gothamist! See here!

All right, back to packing for San Francisco now.

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