Monday, August 23, 2010

A Peaceful View During a Drive Through South Dakota's Black Hills


After three days of stop-and-start roadtrip traveling, the Fujishima clan has finally made it to Yellowstone National Park. We'll be here for the rest of the week, and on Friday we'll be heading home.

I'll do my best to try to provide brief updates during our days here, though it's quite possible that each day will be so action-packed that I may be too tired to do much blogging in the evening. We shall see.

In the about a video to put one in an appropriately serene frame of mind?

During our brief stay in South Dakota, my family and I visited Mt. Rushmore (though we didn't get as close as I would have liked mostly because my mother was too cheap to pay a $10 parking fee to try to get closer). Later that day (this occurred on Saturday), we drove a bit through the Black Hills and found ourselves gawking at this particular sight—one which I was inspired to capture on video.

Honestly, this brief 1:16 of peace and quiet has been my personal highlight of the trip thus far. Why? Because there were no pesky family members around to either amuse or irritate me; it was just me, standing atop some rocks, taking in the majesty of the view in front of me. These days, that's all I need to be happy.


Unknown said...

Awesome sight, especially on a gray, rainy day in NYC. Thanks for sharing!

Kenji Fujishima said...

Thanks, Paul!