Friday, November 19, 2010 Brooklyn? A Convergence of Tree-Lined Roads

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—In early October, I commemorated the beginning of autumn in this post by grabbing a still frame from the desolate final shot of Carol Reed's The Third Man:

Only recently, though, did I realize that, in my neighborhood, there is actually a visual equivalent to this Viennese setting near my apartment in Brooklyn:

This is a median running along the Eastern Parkway, a stretch of boulevard that runs from Grand Army Plaza to Evergreen Cemetery. I haven't yet walked the full length of the Eastern Parkway, so I'm not sure if tree-lined medians run all the way through...but scrub away the color, and this could be somewhat Third Man-esque, don't you think?

So if anyone is itching to remake The Third Man in New York...well, here's a setting you can use. Not that I'm necessarily encouraging anyone to remake that classic noir, mind you...

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