Saturday, December 04, 2010

...and Happy 25th Birthday to Me!

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—That's right, folks: 25 years ago, on this day, I was born.

This is the "quarter century" mark, as I have been reminded many a time over the past week. That's probably more appropriate than "quarter life"...because, you know, who knows if I'm actually going to live to 100? (Not everyone can be Manoel de Oliveira, you know...)

No, I'm not feeling older and wiser...yet. And no sobering thoughts of how much closer I am to death...yet. That "quarter-life crisis" I hear some people my age talk about? Well, not today, anyway (though earlier this year, signs of such a crisis popped up occasionally, whether stemming from job frustrations or the realization that a female director had made a feature film at the mere age of 24 that won big this year at South by Southwest).

Nah, today will be all about celebrating. Leave the introspection for another day.

This is my clumsy segue into inviting all of you dear readers of mine who reside in the New York/New Jersey area to come to The Ginger Man in Manhattan tonight at 8 p.m. to celebrate this supposed personal milestone with me. Eat, drink, be merry...and help me stay out of too much trouble, because I have to work the next day!

In the meantime, this will be ringing in my head throughout the day:


Midnight Screening said...

Happy birthday dude :) Have a good one!

Kenji Fujishima said...

Thanks! I fully intend to!

Craig said...

Happy Birthday, Kenji.

Kenji Fujishima said...

Thank you, Craig!