Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joyeux anniversaire, Anna Karina!

NEW YORK—A bit of a break from New York Film Festival blogging for this rare celebrity-birthday shout-out.

The great film blogger Andrew "Filmbrain" Grant may have already cornered the market on Anna Karina love by naming his site after the French New Wave siren and Jean-Luc Godard muse...but that won't stop me from paying tribute to her vibrant and beautiful self on this, her 70th birthday!

Operating under the notion that a picture—or, in this case, a moving picture—is indeed worth a thousand words, I offer to you this clip:

This isn't from any of Karina's performances under Godard's direction; it's from Anna, a 1967 TV musical directed by Pierre Koralnik with music and lyrics by Serge Gainsbourg (a film which also featured the late Jean-Claude Brialy as a love interest). I, alas, have never seen the entire thing (if anyone knows where to find a copy of it, by all means, let me know!) except for clips that occasionally pop up on YouTube; plus, I am far, far, far from fluent in French. And yet...just look at her yearn and dream while singing "Sous le soleil exactement" on what looks to be an empty beach of her own imagining. Really: It would be nice to know what exactly (exactement) she's singing about, but in this case, is it absolutely necessary?

Such emotional transparency, such l'aime.

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