Friday, June 04, 2010

"Kenji Fujishima Plays Los Angeles": The California 2010 Vacation Video

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J.—If any of you don't have any big movie plans in the works about taking about 18 minutes of your time to watch my just-completed video—in two parts on YouTube—summing up my recent trip to Los Angeles?

Yes, my friends, I've finally finished putting this video—of which I offered a brief recent preview here—together...and I had a lot of fun doing so, I must say. I hope some of that sense of fun has found its way into the finished product; also, I hope I'll have as much fun when I finally get around to making that short film I've been kicking around in my head.

Other than those few words, I think I'll let the video speak for itself. Check it out below:

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